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IntelliData’s HIPAA compliant system monitoring uses verified, enterprise-grade monitoring with advanced detection capabilities to monitor hardware, network devices, and applications. Network and application administrators create threshold alerts, triggering that corrective actions are needed before a serious incident occurs. Managed hosting also means comprehensive monitoring and ensuring smooth operation for all applications. Trained administrators are always on-call to respond to any incident that requires immediate attention.

Monitoring all infrastructure and server health is vital, not only for preserving data integrity and security, but managing all applications in the environment. Without early detection, irregular conditions can negatively impact the control of sensitive data.  IntelliData utilizes advanced, enterprise-grade monitoring tools customized for each organization’s unique environment, operating system, and applications. Immediate corrective action can be taken by skillednetwork administrators before serious escalations can occur.

Common Deployments for IntelliData’sHIPAA compliant system monitoring includeFDA compliant manufactories, other FDA compliant clients as well as remote employees and contractors (under BAAs) who communicate protected information.