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Professional BI Services


Professional BI Services

Our expert services provide the structure for the implementation and management of a quality assurance framework for dashboard projects in your company. IntelliData provides both comprehensive review and situational BI services that are tailored to address your organization’s specific data analytical requirements.

Comprehensive Review Services

Our process includes the delivery of best practices and templates to create a repeatable review process that ensures the quality of your dashboard development. Reviews can include assessments of requirements, design, data, performance and security. We also perform validation checks throughout the requirements, build and deployment phases of your projects.

IntelliData can design, build and support the process to any degree that your organization requires. We can conduct the entire effort or have us train your team in all or portions of the review process.

Situational BI Services

If your team requires advanced development services to assist you with complex implementations, IntelliData’s consultants can complement your team to assist in improving the design, data interpretation, data modeling, and performance of your analytical dashboards and framework.