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Qlik Analytics

IntelliData Solutions is a Qlik Solution Provider. We are dedicated to the Qlik business discovery platform in designing and delivering Qlik solutions enabling companies to prosper in a continually competitive environment. Our consultants come from industry with a passion for excellence and strive to deliver solutions beyond client expectations. As a trusted adviser, IntelliData works to earn our client’s trust and establishes long term relationships. Understanding that trust is an ongoing process, IntelliData is dedicated to continuously earning this trust from our clients as measured by delivering the highest possible quality BI solutions.

IntelliData Solutions Works with Companies to Achieve their Strategic, Tactical and Operational Goals by:

Providing Collaborative Value Adding BI Solutions

  • We design our solutions specific to client’s needs centered on critical functions impacting the strategic, tactical and operational efficiencies of the organization.

Provide Intrinsic Value By Identifying Underlying Data Structural Issues

  • We work with clients in identifying underlying data quality and migration issues. Intrinsic value includes, but is not limited to data process gaps, system workflow disconnects and operational breakdowns.
  • We work to help implement solutions to correct the identified data structural issues and leverage the opportunity to implement improvements depending on the nature of the existing issues.

Working with Client Project Teams

  • Collaborating with the client teams, we document a complete understanding of the needs and requirements to deliver expected ROI within the established scope, time and investment.
  • We work to develop management and user adoption in order to facilitate extended benefits of the project and solution across the organization.