Hosting Services for Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare Industry’s rapid use of technology as substantially altered that way Healthcare manages patient administration, compliance and resources. Healthcare organizations have the same challenges with patients as other industries have working with customers such as identifying gaps in services, workflow process and operational management and reporting. Healthcare organizations also need to integrate their mission critical systems and data sources to capitalize on the insight and knowledge embedded in the raw data. IntelliData Solutions provide the following value add to Healthcare organizations.

  • Reduce operational costs analyzing resource utilization, inventory levels and supplier performance management
  • Optimize reimbursements from reducing the time and cost on collection
  • Reduce patient wait times by integrating resource scheduling with patient flow
  • Maintain accurate and timely regulatory compliance by presenting key performance indictors (KPIs) on operations, patient safety and quality of care
  • Improve patient safety with immediate access to consolidated diagnostic information reducing medical errors

Healthcare organizations with insightful business intelligence and agile operations continuously maintain high levels of patient management performance and competitive advantage.  IntelliData Solutions helps Healthcare organizations gain valuable insights from associative information and analysis for improving patient care. We implement Healthcare solutions in the following segments.

Care Delivery

  • Improve decision making with EMR systems
  • Identify and track key patient safety and care quality KPIs
  • Save critical time in ERs and ICUs
  • Streamline and track EBM processes effectiveness

Clinical Operations

  • Improve and simplify patient administration, compliance reporting and transition to Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems
  • Improve patient scheduling and monitoring KPIs
  • Institute clinical care optimization methodologies
  • Benchmark and track performance against similar facilities and budgeting

 Resource Planning & Utilization

  • Staffing adjustments due to staff time off (vacations, sickness, holidays, emergencies, weather, etc.…)
  • Optimal use of facilities, including ER, OR, ICU, testing rooms and patient beds
  • Equipment scheduling and patient testing procedures
  • Work shift scheduling of clinicians and support staff

Supply Chain Management

  • Purchasing analytics for effective cost and performance management of competing vendors for negotiating the best value for supplies and services
  • Inventory management controlling inventory usage and levels across the organization


  • Control costs and bottom line performance
  • Analyze costs and revenue by facility, practice, physician, procedure, etc.
  • Track actual spending versus budget by facility, practice, physician, procedure, etc.
  • Budget planning and forecasting procedures
  • Reduce time and cost of financial compliance reporting (IFRS, SOX, etc.)

 Revenue Cycle Management

  • Improve workflow for patient admissions, claims administration, denial management, fraud detection and insurer contract management
  • Gain visibility across functional areas affecting cash flow, net cash, bad debt and cost-to-collect
  • Reduce P4P and DRG tracking burden, reporting and cost accounting
  • Increase cost capture during care delivery