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Custom Server Hosting Service Providers

No two businesses are alike!

Every environment is different.  Having the ability to deploy any combination of cores, memory and HDD creates a cost effective solution to providing business and its users business application performance and reliability at a sustainable budget. 

What is Custom Server?

As businesses increasingly rely on digital tools and applications to power their operations, the need for reliable, high-performance servers has never been greater. Custom server technology can provide the processing power and storage capacity that businesses need to stay competitive in today’s economy. By optimizing server performance, businesses can improve their overall efficiency and productivity. To maximize server performance, businesses should consider investing in custom server technology. By working with a server manufacturer that specializes in custom solutions, businesses can ensure that their servers are designed to meet their specific needs. Custom servers can be configured to deliver the performance that businesses require, making them an ideal solution for organizations that demand the highest level of performance from their IT infrastructure.

Custom Servers (not based on template)

Maximize business performance with IntelliData Custom Servers (not based on template).

Flexibility of customizing the server

Control over your own infrastructure

Deploy ideal security and data backup measures

More reliable uptime & cost-effectiveness