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Our datacenters lets you stay in control of dedicated server(s) allowing you to focus your time running and building your business.

Our Hosting solutions offers an array of features that ensure performance, reliability, consistent uptime & satisfying user experience.

IntelliData offers cost-effective GPU VDI solutions for architecture firms that meets the needs of even the most demanding design workflows.

IntelliData Solutions Inc.

Customized Solutions for all type of HOSTING needs

” To give customers the most insightful, actionable and value-adding analytics in tandem with cloud infrastructure generating the best possible experience.”

IntelliData Solutions, Inc., specializes in implementing customized cloud hosting solutions – GPU VDI for architecture firms, VDI (non GPU), Bare Metal, IAAS, Virtual Machines, Private cloud, DRaaS, Lift & Shift & Custom servers. Our hosting services are focused on bridging the gap between people, knowledge and process.

Every business passes through a variation of the business lifecycle, each with its own set of challenges. Our firm is equipped to provide unique hosting solutions at each stage of the business lifecycle.

Fully Managed Hosting Service Provider

Fully Managed Hosting Service Provider

Custom Hosting Solutions | Designed to Excel

IntelliData Solutions works with client’s technical team to design cloud infrastructure to the exact specifications ensuring performance, reliability, consistent uptime and satisfying user experience. Fully managed hosting solutions grants the flexibility to configure servers without the limitations of pre-configured providers resulting in overpaying for the next tier configuration due to the pervious down option not meeting performance requirements.

GPU VDI for architecture firms
VDI (non GPU)
Bare Metal
IAAS (Infrastructure as a service)
Virtual Machines
Private Cloud
Custom Servers
Host your DR site with us.
Lift and Shift current infrastructure
Access any time any where
Cost effective solutions
Phone & Email support

Hosting Features

We don’t charge for each service!

✓ RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) Included
✓ Managed Antivirus (Included )
✓ Threat Detection software (Included )
✓ System Monitoring Included
✓ Firewall Management
     a. Managed Firewall (Included)
     b. Your own exclusive Firewall at request
✓ SSL Certificates
✓ Optimized servers for performance
✓ MFA (Multi factor authentication)

✓ 7 day Backup (Included )
✓ Offsite backup (Included)
✓ Unlimited Bandwidth (No egress or Ingress charges)
✓ SOC2 Compliance
✓ HIPAA compliance
✓ 10GB Connectivity between all servers
✓ Fixed Monthly Fee
✓ Automatic Patch Management
✓ VPN solution (Included)
✓ Site to Site VPNs (Included)
✓ Phone and Email support with online incident management system
✓ Firewall blocking based on Geo regions

GPU VDI for architecture firms

Virtual Desktop solutions for graphic intensive architecture and engineering firms require specific configurations to support sophisticated graphic renderings and team collaboration tools all on the same VDI workstation. High performing VDI solutions require a comprehensive solution stack to delivery consistent high performance.

IntelliData Solutions offers virtual desktops with high performance and superior graphics to support all graphic-intensive applications. This GPU (graphics processing unit) on the cloud allows architecture and engineering firms to work on all popular design software’s and 3D applications seamlessly .

Low-cost implications per unit

Uninterrupted working on high-end apps

High-Speed Virtual Desktops

Securely Managed Cloud GPU



Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a desktop virtualization technology that refers to the use of virtual machines to provide and manage virtual desktops. VDI hosts desktop environments on a central server and deploys them to end-users on demand, which allows the user to interact with the operating system and its applications as if they were running locally.

IntelliData VDI solutions provide the performance, reliability and security of on-premises workstations as well as mobile/remote staff connectivity without the constant maintenance, repair or hardware capital expense over time.

Anywhere, Anytime Access to Desktops

Boost your Data Security with IntelliData’s VDI

Unified and Reliable End-User Experience

Optimize Your Storage Solution

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