Hosting Services for Manufacturing Industries 

Globalization has added tremendous competitive pressure on manufacturing and distribution companies. Constantly changing market conditions, volatile commodity price fluctuations and changes in customer demand all require management control at every operational level.  Companies need to make smart agile decisions to ensure that the manufacturing process maintains quality, lowest possible variable costs and responsiveness to customer expectations.

Manufacturing company running demand pull or made to order production environments depend on agility to quickly respond to demand changes, supply chain risks and fluctuating energy, commodity and transport costs. IntelliData Solutions provides the following value add to manufacturing companies.

  • Integrate production, distribution, CRM, R&D and supply processes for demand-driven manufacturing
  • Mitigate supplier, compliance and inventory cost fluctuation risks
  • Increase effectiveness of process improvement methodologies
  • Implement real-time production performance management across the manufacturing functions

IntelliData Solutions helps manufacturing companies gain valuable insights from associative information, analysis and workflow to improve production performance. We implement solutions in the following segments as well as provide shared benefit across all of the supported segments.

Shared Segment Benefits

  • Improve collaboration with business partners and suppliers by providing visibility and insights across the entire supply chain
  • Integrate operational processes using real-time production data
  • Reduce data administration and IT’s work load associated with data analysis and reporting across functions areas
  • Gain sourcing and procurement efficiencies
  • Implement real-time performance management across business functions

 Consumer Products

  • Marketing analysis measuring marketing campaigns, promotions and pricing management to drive revenue
  • Provide regulatory compliance reporting by enabling drill-down visibility into quality assurance, product safety and recall data
  • Segment analysis by markets, competition and customers to understand and deliver maximum profit by category and brand
  • Analyze retailer sales data, consumer buying behavior and sell-through data to provide a comprehensive picture of product demand and performance

Industrial Machinery

  • Improve enterprise risk governance, safety and regulatory compliance
  • Manage product life cycles for optimal ROI
  • Support demand pull methodologies to reduce waste and drive quality
  • Margin protection by measuring pricing against commodity cost indicators

High Tech          

  • Manage product life cycles for optimal ROI including protecting intellectual property
  • Improve sales forecasting and manage demand and supply planning incorporating customer demand

Mill Products

  • Improve enterprise risk governance, safety and regulatory compliance
  • Manage capital assets more efficiently and consistently