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Lift and Shift Cloud Migration

Lift and Shift your current infrastructure

IntelliData Solutions helps you to move your application as-is from an on-premises or local data center to cloud infrastructure with minimal, if any, modification. This migration strategy allows you to migrate applications and data without altering core application architecture. Essentially, you are just changing the infrastructure supporting the applications and processes.

What is Lift and Shift Cloud Migration?

Lift and shift is a cloud migration strategy in which an application is moved from an on-premises environment to a cloud computing platform with minimal changes to the application itself.

The main benefit of lift and shift is that it can be done quickly and with minimal downtime. It is also a relatively low-cost migration strategy since no major changes need to be made to the application.

Lift and Shift Cloud Migration

Maximize business performance with IntelliData’s Lift and Shift Cloud Migration.

Scalability on demand

Potential for improved performance

Cost-saving solution

Enhanced security