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Our Approach

IntelliData Solutions

Value Add at Every Stage of Business 

Every business passes through a variation of the business lifecycle, each with its own set of challenges. Our firm is equipped to provide unique solutions at each stage of the business lifecycle. Below are examples of the business lifecycle stages were IntelliData Solutions empower organizations with value adding solutions.

Our Approach


The decision was made to start a new venture. The company is formed. The goods and services are developed and ready for business. All of the logistics are in place such as resources, infrastructure and business management systems.

IntelliData Solutions Value Add:  During the start-up phase, having a web presence is a necessity. We offer full web development and search engine optimization (SEO) to establish a professional, aesthetic looking website that promotes your brand and style. In addition, insightful reporting and analytics are critical during the start-up phase in order to maintain control of limited resources, ensuring efficient operations and maintain strict cash management.

Rapid Growth

You’ve found your competitive advantage. Business is improving and revenue is increasing. Increasing business generates more complexity and challenges not explicitly planned for. New skills and expertise are required. There are opportunities to capitalize on, big issues to resolve.

IntelliData Solutions Value Add:  During rapid growth, entry-level systems implemented at the start-up phase begin to loose utility and value as the business gains velocity. We will work with you in implementing an analytical solution that will maintain pace with your rapidly growing business that provides relevant real time analysis for making agile decisions at the pace of your rapid growth. We will also look for opportunities to improve or optimize your existing systems, workflow and web presence by leveraging industry standard development tools to improve existing systems and add additional functionality.


You’ve established consistency and are profitable. Customer loyalty is high. However, the rate of gaining new customers is beginning to slide and operating costs are increasing. It’s time to explore implementing efficiencies, making capital investments or innovating. The decision to stay the course or diversify will significantly impact the company and create an inertia that would be difficult and costly to redirect if the wrong strategic decision is made.

IntelliData Solutions Value Add:  We will work with you in evaluating investments in technology that gains access to insightful information that analyzes associated data and determines what strategic initiatives have been successful or not. Having a 360-degree view of all of your data across all disparate systems is essential in formulating the next set of strategic initiatives to improve operations, sales and profitability. Technology investments that improves workflow, interactions with customers, vendors and business partners as well as gaining efficiencies through automation further connects people, knowledge and process.