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GPU VDI for architecture firms

Managed Cloud GPU VDI Solution for architecture and engineering firms 

Virtual Desktop solutions for graphic intensive architecture and engineering firms require specific configurations to support sophisticated graphic renderings and team collaboration tools all on the same VDI workstation. High performing VDI solutions require a comprehensive solution stack to delivery consistent high performance.

What is GPU VDI?

GPU virtual desktop infrastructure (GPU VDI) is a desktop virtualization solution that uses GPUs to provide a rich and high-performance user experience for demanding applications, such as 3D modeling, video editing, and CAD/CAM.

GPU VDI provides the benefits of VDI, such as centralized management and security, while also delivering the performance of a physical desktop. It is an ideal solution for organizations that need to deliver desktop environments to a large number of users or to users with demanding workloads.

GPU VDI for architecture firms

GPU as a Service (GPUaaS) by IntelliData Solutions

GPU On Cloud For Graphic Intensive Applications used by architecture and engineering firms 

IntelliData Solutions offers virtual desktops with high performance and superior graphics to support all graphic-intensive applications. This GPU (graphics processing unit) on the cloud allows architecture and engineering firms to work on all popular design software’s and 3D applications seamlessly .

Why choose IntelliData’s GPU On Cloud

Inter-Day & Daily Backups
99.99% Uptime
High Performance Servers
Cost-Effective Plans

Benefit of GPU as a Service (GPUaaS) by IntelliData Solutions

Low-cost implications per unit

Uninterrupted working on high-end apps

High-speed virtual desktops

Securely managed cloud GPU