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Optimized Server for Availability and Performance


It is critical that your IT infrastructure is functioning at optimum levels, supporting your business needs, and maximizinga return on your investment. Budgeting, resource constraints and the constant pressure to do more with less can be very challenging.

IntelliData Solutions monitors all of the managed servers with an emphasis on availability and performance, we ensure your IT is as responsive as your business.

IntelliData Solutions monitors the following:

  • Server monitoring for mission-critical computer hardware and operating systems
  • Network device monitoring for network availability and performance
  • Web server and traffic monitoring for URL testing and user experience
  • Database server monitoring for database availability and performance

As a result of our monitoring, you can experience:

  • Continuous availability and performance monitoring ensures that your servers, applications, and network devices operate at optimal levels
  • Optimum availability and performance mean you get the most from your managed hosting investment
  • IT staff can focus on activities that drive revenue. All employees benefit fromoptimized servers and applications