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IntelliData Managed Firewalls provides customers with a multifaceted solution to network security. IntelliData’s Managed Firewalls are configured with multiple layers of protocols to ensure the highest level of security and HIPAA compliance as part of our standard hosting solution.  As required, each client is provided additional layers of security as applicable to the customer.

All firewall policies and configurations are actively managed by our network team. Security policies and configurations, like the ones on firewall settings, must be updated and monitored regularly to ensure appropriate access controls are in place and to identify and respond to potential threats before any damage can be done. HIPAA Technical Safeguard section §164.312 outlines the standards that companies need to follow in order to ensure HIPAA compliance.

IntelliData’s Managed Firewalls are designed to stop any potential threats and attacks on the system. Part of this design includes blocking all known malicious IP addresses as well as establishing security protocols against many countries that have well documented history of perpetuating cyber attacks. This is done by our team of dedicated system administrators who are subject matter experts in the area of firewall and network security which gives customers the assurance of a secure network and limits their potential liability of data loss and attacks.

IntelliData’s provides a multi-layer security approach that provides greater security and peace of mind.  Our Firewall solution sets up a series of protocols that the network traffic must pass through in order to gain access to Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). The protocols include utilizing various resources such as anti-DDoS management, custom IP management, host firewall, local firewall and intrusion detection.